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Is it wrong that I am not fussed if the third in line to our glorious throne is probably a little bit racist? What, are we all surprised that a hugely priveleged young man that didn’t exactly grow up surrounded by other cultures, who joined the army, who is the grandson of one of the most famous xenophobes of modern times, and who once dressed up as Hitler (ok, so that last one could be funny), is now is supposed to have used the word Paki? Yes it’s wrong, yes it’s awful, yes he should apologise. But are we all so dumb, that we’re also shocked and outraged, that we’re supposed to believe that this young man is of a better breed? Come on Britain, grow up already. He clearly is not. Let him get on with his life, and we’ll get on with ours. You don’t have to be a raging republican to not give an arse what he gets up to.

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