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A comment piece in the Guardian today lays it on the line – pay walls or bust.

Citing Rupert Murdoch as the possible saviour of newspapers (on or offline), the usual insults fly in the comments section. Yet when the Guardian’s hacks are chirping the end of free online content, and the erection (or re-erection for some newspapers) of pay-walls, well, the times are a changing, yet again. As an insecure (in terms of job security, I assure you) journalist, but a long-time new-media proponent, I’ve been undecided on this for some time.  But now, surely, action must be taken to save the fourth estate!

Id’ love to see where we are in a year’s time. For my money, I would now be happy to fork out a few pounds per month to read a quality paper, such as the Guardian. But the trouble occurs when I want to look further afield to smaller publications I read weekly or even monthly. Subscribe to them? Unlikely. There’s going to have to be some collaboration involved here….

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video editing makes me cry
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I recently complained that one of the finest newspapers in the English-speaking world, despite being a leader in new technological developments, from embracing Comment is Free’s UGC element, to providing APIs, cannot sort its video offering out.

Admittedly, this all comes down to monetisation and having enough qualified staff around to do the job. But just watch this clip on the Iranian elections. The editing is so poor, you’d have to fail a high-school media student if they had the audacity to submit it. The journalism, the insight, the voiceover and the shots are all fine. We can ignore the fact that full-screen videos on the Guardian are still not available (full-screen videos on the Guardian might never be available at this rate), but this is clearly an example of ‘journalists’ having too much work on their plate.  Five or six times in the clip, there are flash frames where one edit starts, and another bit finishes, just as a new part of the roughcut supplied by Reuters appears. And you can tell it’s Reuters, as I’m pretty sure the branding that comes at the start of their wires’ roughcuts flashes up for a frame or two on several occasions.

One day, I envisage a place on the web where the journalism will be as good as the production value. I guess until content is properly monetised, getting their will be quite challenging.

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