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I was very interested to read that the Press Assocation is cancelling its multimedia training scheme for this year.  As part of  fine trend of navel-gazing, the media is full of stories of newspapers that will struggle to make it through the current downturn – and so it probably should be.  After all, it’s not only local newspapers where journalists are in trouble – radio and TV journalists are in the same boat as advertising money dries up.

Of course, the first thing that needs to be done in this instance, or so the prevailing logic goes, is to cut costs. And unfortunately for promising young journalists at the start of their career, investing in new talent is not a good idea in the financial short term.  So, no investment from the PA, while I too have experienced something similar, breaking into Channel Four News last year via  a new talent scheme, but now told in no uncertain times I can’t take it any further with my degree of experience when hundreds of older, more experienced journalists are hungry for work as well.  After being made redundant when the  start-up media outlet I was at cut all non -revenue-generating staff,  I’ve been extremely lucky to recently pick up work as a freelancer on some More4 News projects – but let’s say no one in that position is in for the money or job security.

The point is, while it has always been hard to break in to a job that a lot of people simply would like to do, without the blessed hand of nepotism (I could point to some sickening recent examples), it is nigh on impossible now.  But while all the talk seems to be about news outlets making it through the recession, what state are they going to be in for the following ten years? It might be bad for new journalists who cannot break in due to the knock-on results of spending cuts, but in reality, it’s pretty bad news for media companies too.  Not investing in talent is a dangerous recipe for the future.

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We’ve all heard that editorial staff across the board are losing their jobs; just today Bloomberg cut a load. I work for a start-up, which was never going to be a great thing when the recession kicked in. Well, I’m not a revenue-generator, so off I’m shipped, no redundancy to speak of. It would seem churlish to comment on the company’s future here, and so I won’t…

As for my own future, if you’re looking to hire an award-winning journalist skilled in video production (shooting and editing), well-versed in all things web 2.0, with core beats of politics and international affairs, media and technology, business and economics – holla! I jsut know I’m competing with hundreds of Bloomberg staff as well – bugger!