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Here’a s package I made for SBS News this week on changes to Google’s privacy rules, including the response from the Australian Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim. A slight rushjob – had a Skype interview set for 16:30, two hours before deadline – but was more or less ditched for the ABC. That threw me a little; but I made deadline, yo.

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This is interesting. I didn’t know much at all about Google’s tie up with the New York Times and the Washington Post, but apparently this little Living Stories project is going open source, which means all types of online publishers could be picking it up.

Don’t know where I’ve been to have missed it (not reading the Times or Post enough, I guess), but it looks pretty damn useful for tracking a story. I’ve become a real Google News user in the last few years – make that every day.

And while I’m not aware of many non-news/non-media people using it too much, it’s a great tool of the trade, for even casual news-observers. Think the same might become of Living Stories – just another part of a big Google finger in the news pie.

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