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Too outraged was I at this video on yet another blatant abuse of civil liberties by London’s Metropolitan Police was I to initially notice another important point: The Guardian website finally offers full-screen video, via use of the Brightcove platform, which they have ostensibly been using for some time, but failed to ‘big up’ to full screen capability.

This is important, as in this day and age, you need top content in presentational terms as well as in terms of editorial and journalistic quality. For too long, top-rate news providers (from ‘newspapers’ to ‘broadcasters’) have been getting away with low quality video solutions. Or more accurately, not getting away with it. Until very recently the Guardian was a brilliant example of a news organisation with world leading journalists and a shocking video player to display them in. Now with high quality video and the ability to full-screen it, we can sit back, and try to relax as we spit in disgust at the end of freedom and the British public’s apathy.

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I have some real issues with living in London. Clearly, the cons don’t outweigh the pros that heavily, else I wouldn’t still be here. But the rapid corrosion of civil liberties in the UK – and in London in particular – is one major annoyance. Just today, there’s this kind of news – we havn’t got the best (and worst) press in the world because of the police acting like this. Since when are people not allowed to take photos of bus crashes? Leave it ahhhhhhht.

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