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Here’s a funny one. In what could be perceived as a desperate move to convince people to use IE8 (Internet Explorer 8) over other, clearly superior browsers, Microsoft is offering $10,000 to one lucky Australian web user.

The $10,000 prize is hidden somewhere on the web, and the only way it can be found is by using IE8, and following @tengrand_IE8 for updates as to where it might be stashed.

According to The Register, the TenGrandIsBuriedHere competition it’s clearly an attempt to fight Mozilla Firefox, which isn’t hard to believe. Why they just don’t design something as user-friendly as their competitors’ browsers is another question.

For the record, I’m using Firefox. But only because Chrome, as slick as it is, just aint ready for the road yet.

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An interesting post from Stuff Journalists Like on why journalists use firefox.

I wasn’t aware of this phenomenon; but I’ll add my own two cents to the ‘browser wars’ debate and suggest journalists always like to think they’re on top of things. And using IE is clearly a long way from being on top of things when it comes to web browsing and to online news in particular. Time is money (I have little of either), and waiting around for IE to think  is not cool

Essentially, use firefox because last time I checked, Chrome was still buggy as all hell when playing videos. That was a few months back, so maybe I’ll recheck this week.

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