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The Northern Territory of Australia seems a mighty long way from North Africa, but nonetheless, the latest (and last for some time at least) piece of mine aired on SBS Living Black last weekend.

It’s the final film of four I made while travelling through the N.T. in September last year, and it’s on the very high levels of homelessness, particularly amongst indigenous Australians, in the Top End. Voila. It was squeezed on top of three other fairly heavy investigative pieces – but I’m fairly happy with it in the end.


I just got back from the Northern Territory where I’ve been making four films for Living Black and SBS News. Living Black is the indigenous affairs strand on SBS, a magazine style show which screens Sundays at 16.30. The good news is that I managed to do some good investigative journalism which I had a ball doing, while meeting some very interesting people from regions the national media tends to ignore.

I blogged on one of these regions for Living Black this week here and will add some thoughts to this blog when I’ve gathered them. In the mean time my first film on the Wave Hill walk-off/Gurindji freedom day will be on Sunday the 4th September, and the next one on the Muckaty nuclear waste dump plans on the 11th of September.

Update: Here’s the Wave Hill walk-off film: