Who’s behind Bill Code Media?

Watch my showreel here.

By trade I’m equal parts video journalist and online journalist. June 2012, and I’ve just returned to Sydney from Tunisia where I was working as a video journalist – I’m cutting current affairs films on the situation post-revolution. While in Tunisia, I worked as a correspondent for France24 English, while writing for SBS News and newmatilda.com. Right now I’m getting Bill Code Media off the ground in a bid to freelance permanently.

Until March 2012 I was a journalist with SBS World News Australia.

I carried out the role of online producer, encompassing everything from writing to video-editing, as well as producing video journalism for TV news and current affairs, including SBS Living Black.

Before SBS, I spent the best part of a year freelancing for More 4 News and Channel Four News in London, contributed bits and pieces to Al Jazeera and the Guardian, was online editor at a start-up by the name of cmypitch.com – which the credit crunch cruelly wiped out – and have interned at both Bild Online in Berlin and the BBC’s Milbank studios at Westminster.

International politics, and, increasingly, looking at the ‘big picture’ make me tick.

I live with a little family in Sydney, Australia – for the meantime!

Holler @billcode

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