How to find a gay bar in Tunisia

Posted: June 17, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Can’t write – busy editing film on Tunisia quick-sharp – but here’s a piece which appeared in New Matilda this week.

Some of the worst violence since the 2011 revolution hit cities across Tunisia on Tuesday after an art exhibition deemed blasphemous to Islam became a target for ultra-conservative Muslims protesters.

Police stations, a courthouse, and the offices of secular political groups were targeted in a wave of violence which saw 165 arrests and scores of injuries.

For many secular Tunisians, the violence was no surprise; Salafist groups and their followers are staking their claims in the post-revolutionary landscape, and the government is accused of being too soft.

The moderate Islamists who lead the government were quick to put a curfew in place in many cities as well as blame “terrorists” for the violence.

As they wake up — some may say finally — to the threat on their religious right, it’s worth noting that other interest groups are also speaking up, gay and lesbian Tunisians among them.

If you’d asked me where in Tunisia you might stumble across a bar which serves as a gay meeting place, I would have picked where I’ve been living — Tunis.

But then I visited the mass-tourism coastal town of Sousse.

And if you’re a current affairs EP – I’m selling a bloody great film on Tunisia this week! 

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