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1) Tunis medina street art – Vote! 2)Pro-niqab sticker at Manouba University. 3)25 sugars with your sweetened green tea? 4&5)It looks like KFC..the artwork is KFC..but it is not KFC; both a good and bad thing. 6)Arabic grammar. 7) Bourguiba Institute students react to Arabic grammar. 8)Breakfast. 9) Royal Dick hamburger, anyone? 10)Rotting hulk of magnificent French building, Tunis. 11)Large spray-painted mural – not quite graffiti – in Tunis medina. 12) Justin Bieber fans show their love in Djerba. I’m picturing the teenage girl (or was it?) who painted this one night. 13)Tethered sheep ponder their fate next to the BBQ, Kairouan.


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