Graffiti and street art in Tunis

Posted: April 2, 2012 in Uncategorized
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There’s a small amount of interesting graffiti in Tunis; street art I wasn’t expecting after failing to see Tunisia get a mention in the excellent Arabic Graffiti book which landed under our Christmas tree last year.

Granted, I haven’t come across too much artistic graf (although there are plenty of slogans, politics around the place), but the city just this last weekend got a boost with a Franco-Tunisian project lightening up some walls downtown, as covered by Kapitalis.

Here’s a shot from that project taken on my gopro, as I start to regret leaving the SLR at home due to an abundance of photographic gear…Image

Nothing to really write home about; which is why the below stencils by the tram lines back to the Bardo area (line number 4) stand out to me. I like the use of the double wall with the Arabic script scrawled inside the hole that the ants are coming out of – alas it is too stylized for my beginner eyes to decrypt. All these years of reading tags, and back to square one!



Finally, the Kill Your Television stencil is by no means original – but I like the fact that Tupac has endorsed it by writing ‘thug life’ next to it. There was always a message.Image


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