Tunisian viaducts

Posted: March 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

I arrived in Tunis last night following a festive two days catching up with a few people in London, and missing a few more.

This is a picture of my street in the Bardo area of Tunis – note the Roman viaduct. I can confirm that this is the first street I’ve lived in with a Roman viaduct, or indeed aquaduct, pending someone explaining the difference to me.

  1. lex luca says:

    great pic!

  2. Gabi says:

    A viaduct is a bridge that comprises of several small spans…normally a road or rail track. n aqueduct is a bridge that diverts water and can be a viaduct construction.did I teach you something? Wow…

  3. Talib says:

    Looks like Karachi minus the duct.

  4. Talib says:

    A Capella international music festival – Tunis – (April)
    Tozeur tradicional Festival of musical theatre – Tozeur – (April/ May)
    Festival Oriljazz (April)
    Festival “Tozeur, oriental, African” (April)
    Festival international of spring- Sbeitla (April)
    festival of Arabic poetry – Tozeur – (April)
    Festival of Jazz in Carthage – Gammarth (April)


    So many festivals , coming ur way!

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