On quitting SBS News and heading to Tunisia

Posted: March 26, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Well, Friday was my last day in the SBS World News Australia newsroom after two and a half years work as an online journalist. I’m now officially a freelance video journalist. Eek. 

On top of my role producing content for the website, I’m happy that I managed to get oodles of great experience under my belt working as a video journalist. SBS isn’t a huge operation and if you’re willing to do the work, you’ll get recognised – to an extent!

There were nice words from colleagues and bosses on leaving which is a good booster as I work tirelessly (how many emails?) to make contacts in newsrooms around the world before arriving in Tunisia next week.

Well over a year since Tunisia kicked off the Arab Spring, the challenges seem huge, but surmountable. I may, of course, see it differently after living there. Just this weekend 8,000 Salafists are reported to have marched through Tunis calling for Sharia to be the basis for the new constitution. Needless to say the country’s secular elite have grown used to the status quo before the revolution, and won’t give it up easily. 

Itching to hit the ground running, get stuck in to my Arabic course, punch out some nice films on my new Sony NX5/Macbook combination, and kick back over some cous cous – hopefully with some Tunisians. 

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