Iran, Iran, Iran – Republican candidates and their foreign policy

Posted: March 7, 2012 in Middle East/Arab world, Politics and international affairs, Uncategorized
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As the field of Republican presidential candidates has diminished, it’s lost some of its more gaffe-prone interpreters of US foreign policy.

Rick Perry raised eyebrows when he said that NATO member Turkey was ruled by Islamic terrorists. Herman Cain admitted that he knew little about Ubeki beki beki stan stan. 

On more serious topics – such as Iran and China – there’s some daylight to be found in the stances between the hawkish Rick Santorum, the apparent liberal Mitt Romney, libertarian Ron Paul and veteran lawmaker Newt Gingrich, even if foreign policy as a whole is not central to their campaigns.

I spoke to Dr Adam Lockyer of Sydney University’s US Studies Centre to find out more about their differences.

Read the rest of this post on the SBS site where the head of the US Studies Centre, Brendan O’Connor, also told me that a newcomer could still steal the Republican show.

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