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Reports from the UK today tell of a High Court judge setting a precedent in the mandatory blocking of websites by Internet Service Providers.

Does that ring any bells?

Latest blog on file-sharing and legislation for SBS News here….


Hacking – or indeed cracking – had been making a lot of headlines, namely due to the commendable PR efforts of LulzSec. But what does it mean for legislation in Australia – where does the law stand, and how will it change as regards hacks? Is the onus on companies to let the public know when data that has been kept has been breached?

I researched, shot and cut this piece for SBS News, speaking to the information commissioner as well as the Pirate Party. Lesson learned, however; it was seemingly too dull and duty editor on the weekend put all sorts of snappy (random?) shots of shuttles and pentagons in. Ah well, nice to get asked to do things nonetheless.