Graffiti at a garage door in New York

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I’ve always been into graffiti. I put down the can when I was 18, but I’m still an avid admirer. Sydney has great graffiti compared to the last city we lived in, London, but it’s behind our previous home, Berlin, when it comes to styles and     simply how much is around. Berlin pretty much kills it.

(note – this is a picture of a throw up – in New York. I’m using it for the same reason I’m not embedding the video – time)

I made a short news film on Australian graffiti for SBS – my employers – looking at legal spaces for graffiti in Sydney and Melbourne, as well as the growth of stenciling and street art. It was a challenge not to do the ‘art or vandalism’  cop out which some of the people I needed to answer to wanted – it could have been done twenty years ago. I touched on the question, but was able to focus a little on the conflict between old skool graf writers and new skool stencil and paste-up artists (‘art fags’, if ‘proper’ writers are to be believed). I shot around half of it, and cut it on Final Cut Pro.



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