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Detroit Public Library by Cass Gilbert.
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This is the best documentary I’ve seen in a while.

That’s because I watch plenty of current affairsy docs, but it’s often nice to look at the macro picture. Julien Temple’s Requiem for Detroit is an inspiring look at the best part of a century in what is now, I learn, America’s first post-industrial city.

Fantastic use of archive material, and above all, brilliant locations – who would have thought so many classic industrial buildings are left to time, and the metal scrappers? – not to mention a great soundtrack (despite Motown and Eminem getting a hearing, not all of which is from the motor city) add to the mix.  I can see why a friend in Berlin, who has a love of bleak industrial landscapes shining through in his photoblog, recommended this one. And the fact it reminds me a little of an Adam Curtis film gets it extra points.

Disclaimer: Although someone has posted it on youtube, which I am clearly linking to, you should buy a DVD, or something.