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I finally caught Four Lions.

Last week I posted how ‘Behind Enemy Lines’ provided a great look at the ‘enemy’ – the Taliban in Afghanistan. It did so by humanising the people who fight NATO troops . We call them the Taliban.

This week I had a laughter and thought-filled hour-and-a-half watching Chris Morris‘s feature length on Warp Films, Four Lions.

Chris Morris is at the forefront of intelligent British comedy and has always stirred shit up – so full points for that. And not only is Four Lions brave – as his work often has been – it is surprisingly deep. The film is a ‘jihadist comedy’, apparently, and mocks a group of British-Pakistani ‘mujahideen’ , along with the hilarious ‘Barry’, who is presumeably a cockney convert.

‘Bomb the mosque, radicalise the moderates’ squawks Barry on several occasions. That, I concede, may not seem funny from reading this. Indeed, by the end, the laughs have slowed somewhat as the hapless, bungling, angry fools get closer to executing their attacks on the rest of us infidels.

But a damn original film, a great comedy, and despite the laughs, perhaps the ‘deepest’, smartest, Western film on Islamic terrorism since 911.

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Here’s a link to what I think is probably the most exciting piece of reportage I’ve seen in a long time – Norwegian Paul Refsdal’s film as an embed with the Taliban. Yes, the fucking Taliban.

First noticed it when Channel 4 News reported on it (not sure if they screened the whole thing), then SBS‘s Dateline showed it in Australia.

I knew I would like it when I heard about it – but I thought in hindsight that the sheer bravado and possibly bravery/lunacy in pursuit of the story would be the clincher. In fact, it’s amazing because it showed me up to be a guy, like many others, who knows nothing about the Taliban… I select and edit what international stories make it on to the SBS World News website on a daily basis, but this unique portrayal of ulitmately human Taliban fighters, shocked me. So dang ignorant.

Who would have thought these were such regular dudes? (minus the suicide attacks etc, I guess.)

Great stuff.

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