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I haven’t blogged for a while, and that’s basically as I’ve been pretty bloody busy.

Baby Frankie busy, parent visiting from overseas busy, trying to enjoy life busy and working plenty for SBS busy.

The latter has me working on a new ministe for the SBS News website, which will explore Australian mining over the coming decades. It’s sexier than it sounds. I’m particularly interested in the concepts of peak metals as well as rare earth metals – two distinct issues to be sure, but for a country where mining is in the DNA (well, we all know that sort of talk is horse shit, but we/they do love to dig shit out of the ground and flog it), it seems that mining – other than the coal and the iron ore topic- is remarkably under discussed and debated.

So, my EP and editor at SBS News online bought the pitch and I’ve been working on a couple of news packages and a host of articles, which should begin to go live next week. So nice to be doing proper journalism from scratch, with weeks to consider arguments.

But what to call the minisite? Peak Metals? Nope, It’s not just about that….Resources Futures? Nah, It’s mostly about metal (do I add non-metal pieces to let me use that title?….Heavy Metals? Would love to, but for many of these rare earth metals used in high-tech applications they’re anything but that. Think think think…