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Last week, SBS News and Current Affairs finally made the shift to the brand-spanking new digital newsroom.

Despite being ahead in the online presence stakes (I’ve been getting decent video news from my current employer, online, for years now), making the shift to a digital, non-linear newsroom, has been years in the making, and well behind local rivals.

I began as an online producer at World News Australia around 3 months ago, and for the whole period I’ve been with them, we’d been stuck in a windowless room out back, along with Dateline and Insight, while the newsroom was being stuck together.

Now, we’re once again in the thick of it, and that’s how it should be. I personally think news organisations who treat their online presences as add ons have it coming. They’re fine for the moment, sure. I don’t even believe all of the hype; It’s still gonna be all about ‘TV’ news bulletins for years to come. But time is ticking, so it’s nice that the on-air talent realise the importance of their online teams. At the end of the day, for such a small-operation (SBS as a whole) to have a decent website, with a google rank of six (not bad), and an alexa rank of around the 15,000 mark, considering it only hits around 2 per cent of market share on the telly box, is commendable.

Always nice to be back in the thick of it with the rest of the team making it work. Plus, Sundays in a windowless room all on your own, with nothing but Sky News for company, really isn’t good for the soul.

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