Lincoln Courtroom 9274
Image by CatDancing via Flickr

Tried my hand at court-reporting today – for the first time.

It does seem strange that these days someone can have been a journalist for a number of years and yet never have set foot inside a courtroom with the intention of covering the goings on – but I guess that’s where we’re at.

I’d like to say I went out of some firmly-held belief at the importance of relaying the machinations of our democratic system to the general public – but I  had to cover a specific case – Betfair vs Racing NSW.

And it’s funny – you can learn all the social media strategies you like, get bogged down in high-quality compression techniques for video and sound, learn to light and frame an interviewee perfectly – but man, without shorthand, court reporting is something else.

The journo next to me was obviously an old (short) hand at the task, while I struggled to keep up. I could barely read my own writing when I got home.

No more technology. Too many strings on that bow. I need some shorthand, a cigar, some braces, a trilby and a big fuck-off cigar. Oh, and a camera with a flash that goes ‘poof’.

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  1. Edoc LeGin says:

    I can help you out with the cigar, braces, trilby and a sarcastic/sardonic view of the world …but the braces, try your old man.

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