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The argument that live news and sport will save live TV for years to come has been around for some time now. And the fact that the English Premier League is on its summer break means I’ve been watching (thankfully) less football than usual, and therefore less linear TV.

So that leaves news alone for programming that entices me to watch live, using Zattoo, Livestation or the BBC iPlayer.  Working from home today, it’s good to start the day with Andrew Marr and his guests’ take on current affairs  (before the soppy middle-class ‘Sunday’ features on average actors in boring films takes over).

It’s worth remembering in these days of linear versus non-linear TV, that sport and news will just never have the same oomph played on demand. Add to that the fact that there is simply, as it stands, far more opportunity for advertisers to sneak their nasty but necessary messages in, I don’t think it’ll be gone entirely for some time yet. Once in a while it’s nice to be guided, no? Well, maybe not. But it’s first thing in the morning on a Sunday and switching on the telly – or a live stream – is probably just a lot easier.

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