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Isn’t The Independent’s SEO implementation good? Well, I never thought so until now, impressed as I was with The Guardian, The Telegraph, and the Mail (when searching for Britney Spears, of course).

I just googled ‘Private Prisons More4’ to come up with the news package I pitched and researched for More4 News – and up came the Independent in first spot, with Channel 4 /More4 in third.  Strange online world. Always found Channel Four (at least Channel Four News) to have good SEO itself.

To summarise the package, despite the growing use of online prisons, they don’t seem to be performing quite as well as our good-old state-run prisons, according to a range of criteria. Funny that.

So anyways, here’s the report I laid all the paving stones for before handing over (not bitter – bloody happy to be working for a quality news provider at the moment!), while here is the Independent’s take on our findings.

I include this as I have found it interesting, the last few months, to view a colleague’s ability to gain coverage for our More4 News stories – at least those involving investigative journalism and original work – by feeding print journalist details pre-broadcast, ensuring a good name check for More and presumeably some more viewers. Mind you, in 2009 the least they could do is link to the damn report online. Oh well. Old dogs, new tricks…

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