No skateboarding dogs
Image by charmingman via Flickr

If  content is king, then this skateboarding dog is his own gonads, if you’ll excuse my use of the colloquial.

Let it never be said (and I have done it myself), that there are quality newspapers and low-quality newspapers. Because when it comes to online offerings, what editor, in an age where traffic means advertisers and advertisers mean keeping the damn operation going, could possibly resist a rather porky bulldog getting up a fair bit of speed on a skateboard. Not whoever is in charge of the Guardian Unlimited site today. That’s right, a broadsheet newspaper goes online, and features a serious soft news offering – dogs on skateboards. This is news in 2009. And it is online news in particular – because as much as we talk about ‘media convergence’, you can rest assured that neither Newsnight or Channel Four News – who folks at the Guardian would contest the high-brow superiority of – will have a skateboarding dog on the box tonight (fingers crossed).*

The Guardian’s video offerings might be a bit dodgy in technological, as well as editorial terms (when held up against the Telegraph’s more professional, less web 1.0 offering, the ITN-supplied Telegraph TV.) But does the Telegraph have a skateboarding dog today? No, it does not. They would be well advised to call Reuters and get that damn footage fast. Content is king.  Animals on wheels are even better.

*In a case of newspapers setting the agenda, and of me eating my words, Channel Four News featured the skateboarding dog a day afterwards. Jesus.

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