I’ve stressed for eighteen months, to anyone who’ll listen, the glories of Zattoo for those who love a bit of ‘linear TV’ but don’t actually own a big telly box in the corner; get a decent broadband connection and you can quite happily watch terrestrial/digital TV at home. In the UK, the only downside, for me, is the lack of More4.

Until now – low and behold, Zattoo seems unable to cope during football matches – citing a busy server. Going a long way to prove that those picking up new technologies and web apps are often young males, Barcelona vs Chelsea last night was one crash after another. On relaunch, it wouldn’t reconnect, and I was left longing for a good old 1-metre thick telly.

What did I do in the end, you ask? Well, straight to iraqgoals.net where a suitable Justin.tv channel enabled me to watch ESPN’s stream, thereby doing my buit in bringing down the immorally high (and currently media attack-proof) wages of professional footballers. But I digress.

It was exactly the same two weeks ago for Liverpool vs Chelsea, in fact, so if you’re streaming Zattoo or other legal ways to watch telly – be warned – they still cannot be relied upon for what people claim weil always need ‘TV’ (or at least certain TV companies) for – Sport.  And for sport, read football!

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