The numerati – watch out for the rise of the ‘geeks’

Posted: April 27, 2009 in Uncategorized
Happy 1984
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The Numerati is the name of Steve Baker’s new book, and frankly, I wish my perception of the new class he terms the ‘numerati’ were as relaxed as his.

In this piece in the New Statesman, entitled The Rise of The Geeks, Baker lays downhow the data-monitors and number-crunchers of the world, from the websites that insert cookies in our browsers, to location-data start-up Sense Networks (analysing the behaviour of groups, for marketing purposes, via the use of mobile-phone data), are increasingly important players. And here’s silly me thinking geeks were still the good guys!

Whether or not that’s the case, this is a fascinating topic. Of course, you may or may not find the implications of this level of data-manipulation worrying. Large corporations are well onto it, while governemnts seem to be someway behind (let’s hope I’m not being too naive – nah, I bet they can’t afford it). Anyway, I have a feeling the ‘numerati’ will be slipping into my vocab.

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  1. steve baker says:

    Hey, thanks for writing about it. Just one tiny fix: The name of the book is The Numerati. That other title is just the headline the New Statesman people came up with. Steve Baker

  2. billcode says:

    good spot – changed :)

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