Google Street view Car en la Costa del Sol
Image by montuno via Flickr

Personally, I’m a little concerned that this government seems intent on forcing through ID cards, with scant regard for the probability that they won’t do any good in preventing terrorism or helping stop ID theft. It seems they’ll make that situation worse, actually. But many English folk are seemingly unconcerned, in that they’d be unlikely to go out on the streets and protest.

Mainstream media sources, with a few exceptions, were frothing with excitement earlier in the week at the prospect of violence at the G20 protests. It turned out that what occurred was a first-rate PR campaign by the Metropolitan police – not only was the violence minimal (when compared to how the capitals of other European countries fare when such events take place), but only several thousand protestors showed up, ring-fenced by almost as many journalists, who were reportedly promptly booed. Why do the English not care enough about the issues affecting them? Surely  if one issue would rile people it is this one, when personal savings and wealth are on the line? Apparently not. There is faith in the system.

Well, it seems there is one issue that can get an entire village to stand hand in hand. It isn’t rampant morality-free capitalism, or even a government insistent on erasing the civil liberties that Britain has so proudly kept for centuries. It’s the Google car again!  There they stood, adamant that their little houses would be burgled if a photo was posted online, hand in hand. Not only should the bigger concern be the dozens of other things that Google knows about us (addresses, every email we send, surfing habits, shopping habits, credit card details, friends, the tv you watch…), but the continous encroachment of our liberties by the government. You can get the English on the street to protest, but the metrics for making this happen do seem a little odd.

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