Technology Guardian editor snubs PRs

Posted: March 24, 2009 in Journalism, Media convergence, media convergence, media platforms, online media, silly media, Tech stuff and apps

A good piece on for all journos who have ever wanted to slap a dimwitted PR. Charles Arthur has had enough, and is now insisting all press releases are directed to him via twitter, using the ‘@’ function.

Couldn’t agree more. I’ve recently, as the Aussies might say, ‘had a gutful’ with absolutely shit ‘stories’ about shit companies, from shit PRs who have no idea what I write about. Shit. Regardless of this morning’s swearing, I admit there is a role for PR in journalism, but as this piece points out, as if many good stories are ever going to come via this method.

A PR is either someone who loves PR (possible), someone who failed at journalism (perhaps), or someone who understandably went for the extra few grand on their first job, and never looked back (more than likely?).

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