Prime Minister pays tribute to Jade Goody; motives questioned

Posted: March 22, 2009 in Politics and international affairs, silly media
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Race Weep
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This morning, two young boys lost their mother, when Jade Goody died in her sleep. What is not disputable is the tragedy of this.

What, however, is absolutely fair game is the fact that the bloody Prime Minister, for fuck’s sake, has paid tribute to somone who was initially famous for being a talentless bigot, even if she’s a ‘Princess Di from the wrong side of the tracks’, as Stephen Fry would have it, essentially due to dying, tragically, from cancer at 27. There’s just no two ways about this. Yes, it’s a cultural phenomenon, etc etc. But what the hell is he playing at? It’s not like the furore that were to occur were David Beckham to die, or Kylie Minogue, or any popular icon that Britains hold dear: They’re famous because people like them, and they like them because they’re talented. They’re not famous because people don’t like them. Or didn’t, even if they’ve forgotten.

The fact of the matter is that Jade Goody became popular (and all credit to her, and later Max Clifford) and hugely marketable, from being very unpopular with a huge swathe of the country. There’s a case for saying that only the middle classes thought she was awful, and it’s all snobbery, but this is simply what her fame, nay, notoriety, was based on. Sorry.

The awful thing is that some people will inevitbaly fall for this astute act of sincerity from Brown, as well as the Tory one. But many won’t be impressed. Really, it’s Jade and Max 1, Brown 0.

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  1. Dapxin says:

    Your article misses the point, in a way that Jade – the monster was created, typical of the british media.

    For everything that you hated about Jade , they were all a creation of the british society.

    What’s to come out of big brother nonsense ?

  2. billcode says:

    Yes, it misses that point – but quite deliberately. We all know the media created the monster, right before they created the saint. The latter point is the one I’m more concerned about. And for the record, I certainly have no ‘hate’ where Jade Goody, far from it. I’ve never met her. And I would have unequivocally said the same thing before she tragically died of cancer so young. In the end, that is the point.

  3. Dapxin says:

    There is an editorial in todays guardian that addresses her story. You will like to read it.

    In the end, your choice of the word Tragic illustrates Jade in all the dimensions.

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