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I was browsing Blinkx content the other day, which for those that don’t know, is a fairly useful video search engine. The b2b web channel I’ve been creating content for, Entrepreneur TV (from has a distribution deal with them, as do ITN Source.

Well, it turns out ITN Source have posted, in all its technicolour glory, the full edition of the very first Channel Four News ever broadcast , way back when in 1982 (including the awesome ads and dated continuity announcements). Fronted by Peter Sissons, Sarah Hogg and Trevor McDonald, it is really interesting to see how much broadcast news has changed. One thing that really stood out for me is the utter length of packages and scripts. These days viewers get bored after two seconds without a cut to a visual (or do they? maybe it’s the programme editors who think the population are daft??), but here you have presenters practically reading an article into the camera. There’s one interesing report on the 1982 mid-term elections, shot in Texas which seems to go on forevvvvveeer. Amazing to think it’s within my (short!) lifetime.

So, to see that mid-terms report, a lead on the Thatcher government’s public spending, the aftermath of the Brixton riots, US and UK disagreement on the Faulklands, and suprisingly good graphics, get a good chair and click here.

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