We’ve all heard that editorial staff across the board are losing their jobs; just today Bloomberg cut a load. I work for a start-up, which was never going to be a great thing when the recession kicked in. Well, I’m not a revenue-generator, so off I’m shipped, no redundancy to speak of. It would seem churlish to comment on the company’s future here, and so I won’t…

As for my own future, if you’re looking to hire an award-winning journalist skilled in video production (shooting and editing), well-versed in all things web 2.0, with core beats of politics and international affairs, media and technology, business and economics – holla! I jsut know I’m competing with hundreds of Bloomberg staff as well – bugger!

  1. Kae says:

    You and I have a lot in common. I too have won a BJTC award this year : first in ‘Best Website’. (I googled to find out when and where the awards would be and that’s how I found you).

    I too am unemployed. In fact, I have been for nearly seven months now. Lack of experience and competing with ex-Bloombergers (plus 600 ex-ITV staff very soon) means I haven’t had much of a look in. I appreciate you had a couple of years experience before you started your MA course, but how did you manage to get your piece on Channel 4 News?

    Anyway, see you at the awards – and congrats :-)
    MA Multi-Media Journalism, Bournemouth Uni

  2. Kae says:

    Hmm, the website I just posted a link to doesn’t look very familiar… here’s mine.

  3. billcode says:

    hi kae – only managed to get that piece done after entering my original MA piece http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1286650238246340141&ei=SWe6ScXSFIGyqAK8nPWrBg&q=how+to+clone+an+oyster+card in the Generation Next ‘talent search’ thingy. well done as well – communal backsklap ;) And see you there!

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