Happy to say I’ve apparently come second in the British Journalism Training Council’s award scheme – well, second in the ‘long’ category. Seemed like a long time ago I started work on the RFID/Oyster card piece. In fact, it was cracked over a year ago. The piece that won – with a lot of help from people like Girish Juneja at Channel Four News, can be viewed here.

And big up to Apostolo Gaitainis who has apparently won third place for his excellent MA piece on corruption and pollution in Greece’s Eordea Valley. Al Jazeera English’s ‘People and Power’ strand picked it up, and seeing as he did everything on it (well, I did the script, ha!), well done Apo! (Correction – Apostolos’s film on citizen journalism was the prize winner. What a journo!)

No idea who came first at the moment.

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