Audacity is an unmissable tool for journalists

Posted: February 12, 2009 in Journalism, Tech stuff and apps
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Trying to find an application that allows you to record Skype tools should be, I thought, quite easy.

Of course it was quite easy, but not without forking out – it turns out that if you’re a mac user, it is tricky to find an app to record Skype calls for free (we’re used to waiting for shit).

I’m sure many journalists still haven’t discovered the delights of Skype, but little gooey recording pads that run from the phone to a dictaphone really are finished now that you can easily record- my delight at discovering the open-source Audacity was palpable. No more frantic scribbles, no more gooey handset adapters, and no paying for recording software. Simply run Skype, call your guy, and hit record on Audacity – a reasonable quality MP3 or Wav is moments away. Sweet.

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