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Well, actually I don’t think so. The last time I bought a paper was when Obama won the election (a copy of The Grauniad and one of The Sun, clearly). But I see what Brian Till is saying in this major guilt trip.

What I find most interesting is the action he takes to relieve himself of some of this Google-based angst; subscribing to four newspapers. For such a forward-looking guy, it seems like a cork in the dam, or whatever the phrase is. Saving newspapers from online news will take more than that. Personally, rescuing news in general, and good journalism, is the more interesting fight.

Instead of looking to newspapers, I’m pretty sure we can look towards quality journalistic magazines as saviours. Sales of UK magazines such as The New Statesman, The Economist and The Spectator have all fared very well in recent years, depsite the downsurge in newspaper sales. They, of course, are also printed on paper. It seems having something in your hand is something people want to have – and these magazines are proof that just because something is also available in the form of online news, does not mean it cannot be sold in dead-tree format. Of course, the fine lines between news, comment and opinion may have something to do with it, but on the whole when a magazine has articles providing a) a wrap to the week’s news and b) a longer in depth look at an issue, then they may be that much more resilient.

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