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I don’t own a television, but I do have the capacity to view domestic terrestrial television via Livestation or the commendable and less buggy (at least on a mac) Zattoo. And you wouldn’t believe the problems this causes!

Zattoo gives me the ability to harp on about only enjoying Video on Demand to friends and colleagues, while also secretly watching C4 News each night at seven. Because although Channel Four News -and various other bulletins around the world – does indeed get posted on the internet an hour or two later, there is undoubtedly something about watching it go out live. The same goes for Newsnight on BBC2, but as this doesn’t even finish up til around 23.15, there’s not much point watching it on iPlayer, I find, as by the time you get a chance (usually the enxt day after work), it’s no longer ‘new’ news.

Therefore, I wonder if there are many like me who come home at around 19.15 wanting to watch C4 News ( and on days where the US sees its first black president sworn in, who wouldn’t?), and then have a dilemma about whether to watch it live (online or not) after having missed the lead story and thus the whole frigging point, or wait until the content is posted online – usually around 20.30 or so. There are two problems with this. The delay, clearly, and the fact they haven’t sorted their full-screen capability out – hey, there may be financial problems, but come on, it’s 2009 already….

And now I’m sitting here, with ten minutes until the news hour is over, wondering if I should just catch the last ten minutes, and then watch the first fifty in an hour. Madness! Media convergence can be quite testing at times.

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