C4’s Andy Duncan says web needs same regulation as broadcast

Posted: January 15, 2009 in Media convergence, media convergence, media platforms, media regulation, online media
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Channel 4 boss Andy Duncan spoke at Nesta today, calling for the internet to be regulated in the same manner as broadcast. While my initial reactions to calls for regulation are usually somewhere between spasm and vomit, it’s hard not to hear him out. Coming from Channel 4, no stranger to regulators (from Ofcom to the unappointed Daily Mail), you might be tempted to think it’s a case of wanting everyone else to suffer the same fate as they themselves do – regulation. But really, he does have a point. Why should broadcasting essentially be stifled, when online is not? If its kids we’re worried about, then they an ever-shrinking concept of the difference between TV and the web anyhow. Media convergence isn’t a theory, it’s an everyday reality.

The bigger point in all of this, it would seem, is that it’s a mammoth near-impossible task – but I expect the debate to gain even more ground over 2009. Just don’t tell the Mail.

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