Obama won’t speak to the NY Times

Posted: January 14, 2009 in Politics and international affairs, silly media
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Image via CrunchBase

So President-Elect Obama apparently won’t speak to the NY Times, which, is supposed to be some sort of right for Old Lady, or the Grey Old Dear, or Grey Granny Dead-Tree, or whatever it’s called.

Serously though, is this a big deal? Judging by the comments on this post at Politico, it is. But really, it doesn’t seem like he’d be too concerend about a rough ride, does it? The press and broadcast media seem to pretty happy with the choice for president across the board, so we’re hardly going to see that bastion of liberal American tear him apart before he’s even got started.

Again, the most interesting thing is that some poeple just will not hear a bad word against the man. This is good for fuck all. Two presidents in a row now where ‘the media’ have been united in their silence. Granted, Obama hasn’t had a chance to be the royal fuck-up that Bush 2 was, and he’s clearly intelligent too – but a placated media can’t be a good thing.

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